[mythtv-users] Re: Stutter with a P3 933Mhz! Gezzz - more STUTTER!

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Tue Aug 31 19:13:19 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 31 August 2004 21:18, Eric Joe wrote:
> > What driver do you have setup for x-windows?
> >
> > You should be using nvidia, not nv or vesa.
> > Look for "Driver" in your XF86Config-4 (or appropriate config)
> >
> > I am running a PVR350 + TNT2 (video out) + P3 800-EB with no probs (it
> > is my front and back end)  ... it does have 1GB of ECC ram though :-P
> > (old server mb)
> I would check your network performance. You said you had 100M nics and a
> switch, but you didnt say what brand.

Hm, I think it is rather far-fetched to suspect the brands of the network 
stuff.  A frontend runs happily over 10Mbit, if need be, so the 100TX network 
would have to be SO bad that he would've surely noticed that anyhow.

And besides, apart from the indeed abysmal speed of some (Realtek anyone?) 
NICs I am quite pleased with the performance of my no-brand-no-budget 100Mbit 
and Gigabit switches (Sweex & Target).  I'm a home user, do you honestly 
expect me to deploy a 3com Superstack 3 or the like (yes; I need it in 19") ?


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