[mythtv-users] Re: Stutter with a P3 933Mhz! Gezzz - more STUTTER!

Eric Joe sysop at tje1.com
Tue Aug 31 15:18:15 EDT 2004

> What driver do you have setup for x-windows?
> You should be using nvidia, not nv or vesa.
> Look for "Driver" in your XF86Config-4 (or appropriate config)
> I am running a PVR350 + TNT2 (video out) + P3 800-EB with no probs (it
> is my front and back end)  ... it does have 1GB of ECC ram though :-P
> (old server mb)

I would check your network performance. You said you had 100M nics and a
switch, but you didnt say what brand.


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