[mythtv-users] Some nice features from VDR

Nick Craig-Wood nick at craig-wood.com
Tue Aug 31 06:42:06 EDT 2004

I was reading the changelog from VDR and noticed these two features
from the latest changelog...

> It is now possible to record several channels on the same
> transponder with "budget cards". VDR automatically attaches a
> recording timer to a card that already records on the appropriate
> transponder. How many parallel recordings can actually be done
> depends on the computer's performance. Currently any number of
> recordings gets attached to a card, so you should carefully plan
> your timers to not exceed the limit. On a K6-II/450 it was possible
> to record three channels from transponder 12480 with a single WinTV

This would be very useful in the UK.  There aren't very many
multiplexes (6 total, 3 with interesting stuff on) and I've often
found that when I have a recording clash it could have been resolved
with this feature.

> Timers that record two successive shows on the same channel may now
> overlap and will use the same DVB card. During the time where both
> timers record the data is simply saved to both files.

This would cure an irritation where you are recording back to back
films / episodes of whatever.  Mythtv changes over at the exact second
that the program is supposed to, however the broadcasters almost never
do!  So you get one program with a bit of the other glued on.  If both
programs could obey the record before and after settings then this
problem would be avoided!

I wish I had the time to code these - maybe others find them

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