[mythtv-users] Which tables to alter to remove deadlock?

Mathias Wennberg mathias.wennberg at gavle.to
Sun Aug 29 17:27:20 EDT 2004

Hello fellow mythtv users.

After a lot of looking, I found out that my problem with editing of videos was 
due to an automatic commersial detection that had gone bad and told mythtv 
that the file was in use.

Do anyone know wich table to alter to remove this locks? The db claims that 
the file is being processed for commersial but it isn't - it simply belive it 
is. I however can't find the correct DB entry.
I tried to use the "mythcommflag" but this don't solve the problem - it don't 
seam to finish. I suspect that there is a simple DB change that fixes it - I 
don't want any commersial checking in this files (I will edit them myself 

Best regards

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