AW: Re: [mythtv-users] Filesystem questions

David George david at
Wed Aug 25 13:53:34 EDT 2004

On 8/25/2004 1:20 PM, verteiler at wrote:

>Sorry, I installed White Box Linux (which is a Fedora Core 1 distribution) and patched it to
I have used FC1 (installed following Jarod's guide) with XFS and LVM 
using atrpms and didn't have any problems.  I forget the versions.  It 
was whatever was current at the time.

>The drives I have problems with run on a Promise ATA controller, so I assume that that is the problem. I have now installed a Fedora Core 2 on a different drive to see, whether that solves the xfs-problem. I can only hope, that I get the ivtv-driver to work on the 2.6 kernel.
I have 4 IDE hard drives on a Promise controller (TX2 maybe?) in my 
backend.  They are LVM'd together and running XFS on top.  I used FC2 
and setup the LVM and XFS at install time.

If you use one of the recent ck ivtv patches it should work with 2.6 
kernel.  I use ck99e myself.

>Is anyone here using MythTV on a FC2 machine?
Yes, my backend is FC2 running a 2.6.7 with a couple of 
patches.  My frontend is 2.6.7 vanilla.

> If so did you use Jarod's how-to (using apt-get) or did you install via tars?
I have used Jarod's guide in the past without any problems, but my FC2 
installations are from tarballs.  Mostly because I do development on them.

> Anything that I should watch out for?
Not that I can think of.


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