[mythtv-users] [Request] Channel guide behavior while watching TV

Jay R. Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Wed Aug 25 12:34:22 EDT 2004

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 12:10:57PM -0400, James Armstrong wrote:
> Isn't there already something that says tuner #1 svideo0 is on 
> /dev/video1 and uses Source #3 where Source #3 is Dishnetwork (from 
> datadirect). Can't we just use that.?

I believe the problem, James, is this:

You may have two different lineups (which Myth calls Video Sources --
in my case "Bright House Cable - North Pinellas") which *carry the same

Since they're from different Video Sources, Myth won't assume they're
the same channel.

I *think* this is the problem the original poster is having, from his
description, and my understanding of how Myth numbers channels
internally... but I'm sure if I'm wrong, Bruce will correct me.  :-)

> Let's say your watching LiveTV on tuner #0, which is broadcast cable 
> (us) which is using the channels defined in Source 1 (datadirect 
> broadcast cable), and are tuned to channel 2 ABC. If you bring up the 
> EPG and press Select on channel 4 it will change to it because my Source 
> #1 has the following channels (2, 4, 5, 6, 7). Currently if I press 
> Select on channel 122 it just stays on channel 2 because channel 122 is 
> not on tuner 0. Can we look in the database and see that channel 122 is 
> using source 3 and tuner 1 uses source 3 so change to tuner 1 instead of 
> tuner 0, then change to channel 122 on that card?  We might have to 
> lookup the channelid when pressing Select instead of the channelnum 
> because I think there can be duplicate channel numbers.

The problem is that it *isn't* channel "122".  It's channel "1122".
And the one on that other tuner might be "2122".  See?

On a related topic concerning LiveTV, we seem to have discovered that
if you hit LiveRecord while watching, and there's another available
tuner card, Myth will use *that* to record, instead of the tuner you're
on.  Since how channel change commands are responded to depends on
whether you're watching the card that's recording, and they're the only
*convenient* way to see if a manual recording has actually started,
this is a bit confusing until you figure it out.

-- jra
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