[mythtv-users] Re: AW: mythtv on EPIA MII 12000

Mark Crutch markc at qsiuk.com
Mon Aug 23 11:27:49 EDT 2004

> I am thinking about building a HTPC system with mythtv and was wondering
> about the capabilities of a using a mini-itx system:
> The setup mini-itx with MI12000 board, 512 Mb memory, 160 GB disk (SP1614N)
> and a Hauppage PVR 350 adapter 

I run my Myth system on a lone Hush Mini-ITX; basically a silent box built round the M1000. I use a PVR350 for input, but am currently using the on-board video (with Via's drivers on RH9) for output. This may change if/when the Xv support for the PVR350 allows it to be readily used with MythVideo and MythMusic.

It works fine for me. I can watch and record at the same time, and can also use MythVideo and MythMusic without affecting the recording. When I'm watching something recorded in Myth there is a pause of perhaps a second whenever a new recording begins or ends, but it's not too big a deal, and the playback resumes on its own with no problems.

Hope that helps,


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