[mythtv-users] If You Were to Mass Produce MythTV Boxes...

Paul Greidanus paul at majestik.org
Sun Aug 22 17:27:48 EDT 2004

I'd love to see a dedicated frontend box, something small, very quiet, 
no tuner or much disk, that comes preinstalled with Linux and Mythtv, 
use something like debian, and a dedicated install source, so that it 
remains a relatively static and well tested setup.  Also, a remote 
control that worked would be essential.

Optimally, I'd love to see a box that booted up, queried DHCP to get 
the IP, as well as the mythbackend connections data, using some extra 
DHCP fields, then makes sure it's up to date, and starts up the 
frontend and allows you to watch TV?

Backend, I don't know that it's worth the effort, there are so many 
options that you can do with the backend that a catch all solution 
might not be worth the effort for most people?  A small back/front end 
box might be an option, but storage capacity, number of tuners and some 
other features would be quite variable..

On Aug 21, 2004, at 4:19 PM, John Smith wrote:

> I've read most of the entries in the MythTV hardware
> database and think I have a decent idea of what setups
> seem to work the best. But anyhow, if you were to
> going to mass produce mythtv boxes (frontend+backend
> combined), what components would you use to achieve a
> good price/performance balance (performance being more
> important)?
> I'm still figuring out what all I'd use in building a
> MythTV box, but it'd probably be something as follows:
> OS: Redhat (Core 1?)
> CPU: AMD Athlon XP 2500+
> Motherboard: Probably one of the ASUS A7N8X's
> RAM: 512MB
> PSU: Don't know
> Case: Probably a Coolermaster, or maybe something
> cheaper
> Case fans: Probably just need two.
> HDD: 200-250GB
> Remote: Don't know
> DVD ROM drive - I have an external USB burner which I
> figure I can use to maybe burn from the MythTV box or
> from a Windows box.
> NIC - Transfer stuff to watch/burn to other boxes?
> I've seen people mention Epox (I think), but I don't
> know much about them. As well as Soyo.
> John
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