[mythtv-users] Jagged XvMC questions

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Sat Aug 21 21:01:15 EDT 2004

I'm somewhat confused from the recent threads about
the XvMC jagged motion, and how it relates to deinterlacing.

In my case, my front/backend machine is a P3-1400, so
to use ATSC I have to use XvMC.  The video is a Nvidia
FX-5600, set to 1280x720p
Modeline "1280x720p" 81.56   1280 1408 1512 1816 720  728  730  754 +hsync 
My HDTV is a Hitachi 43" HDTV RP and I use a KD-VTCA3
component converter.  I use 720p primarily because I
was unable to get my tv to sync up with any 1080i/520p
modelines, even tho my STB drives it fine at 1080i.  Most of my
ATSC content is 1080i (CBS, NBC).  However, I also see
the same effect on NTSC content from my pvr250's; both
using the same video modes.

So in my case, since I'm driving the tv to 720p, is this 
deinterlacing discussion applicable in my case?
The jagged XvMC is very noticable, but the NTSC 
motion is fine with it turned off.


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