[mythtv-users] A couple more MythWeb/PHP5 changes

ndoss at mtlaurel.org ndoss at mtlaurel.org
Thu Aug 19 03:26:46 EDT 2004

To get the recording schedules and backend status pages to work under php5,
I made the following changes:

* In includes/recordings.php, line 103, I changed it from:

    if (isset($recording_data['recordid'])) {


    if (is_array($recording_data) && isset($recording_data['recordid'])) {

* I commented out line 24 of recording_schedules.php.  It's not the right
  thing to do but since I wasn't able to figure out the right thing to do ...
  The page will at least load and I can't tell that commenting out the
  line did anything bad.

* The backend status page wasn't working for me.  It appears that the
  allow_url_fopen setting in the .htaccess file was not being honored.

  I modified my php.ini file to include this setting and the backend
  status page started working.  The php manual says that this setting
  can only be set from the system php.ini file -- see:


  I don't know if this was a php5 change or not?

--Nathan Doss

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