[mythtv-users] Considering a Pundit. Pls advise.

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Wed Aug 18 18:38:30 EDT 2004

On Aug 18, 2004, at 6:10 PM, Brad Cox wrote:

> After trying to bash my aged DELL Optiplex into a TV server, I'm 
> considering returning it to its development role and buying a Pundit. 
> But their website is a bit light on details. In particular
> Exactly what does bare bones mean? Minus windoze, fine. Hardware 
> assembly, not so fine.

No CPU, HDD, Memory (RAM) or CD/DVD drive. However if you buy one local 
chances are they'll add these parts for you.

> Haven't seen mention of disk size. Do I buy that separately or is that 
> provided? How big?

You purchase any IDE drive you like and stick it in.

> What do I need to do to make it boot headless? My 80 lb terminals are 
> downstairs and hauling them upstairs is definitely NOT an option. 
> That's been the killer  with my Dell/Fedora 1 box. I'm sick of hauling 
> it up/down stairs to get it to boot.

Mine won't boot without a keyboard attached. I haven't tried to boot 
w/o the monitor.

> Does its CD support DVD playing and ripping? If not, what options for 
> replacing it? Can I replace it with the Sony DVD (latest version) from 
> my Dell?

You should be able to use just about any CD/DVD you like. Some don't 
work so well, the ones where the drive tray is at the very top of the 
drive case for example. The Pundit manual details this info.

> Are there enough PCI slots for my Haupage 350 plus wireless card? How 
> many slots exactly?

Two 1/2 size PCI slots. Your 350 will fit but it will be tight. There 
is a PCMCIA slot on the front for your wireless.


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