[mythtv-users] OT maybe, Radio function on PVR-250

Daniel Savard dsavard at cids.ca
Tue Aug 17 21:47:31 EDT 2004

Le mar 17/08/2004 à 18:58, Michael T. Dean a écrit :
> Rob Comstock wrote:
> > I see a PVR-250 advertised on buy.com that includes an FM radio function.
> > Does anyone know if this feature is useable under linux?
> Yes, with ivtv drivers and the ck patches, but not with ivtv stable 
> (0.1.9 or 0.1.9a).  Your best bet is using some of the newest ck patches 
> (I'd recommend 101b or above).
> Mike
Seems Chris has removed any version older than the current «catch of the
day» version, which result in very unstable driver. In fact, I have
ck100b installed from a previous download and tried to compile a newer
version for VBI testing and only the ck104e is available. With this
version, I just cannot load the driver properly, seems there is a memory
access problem I posted about on the IvyTv forum which is still

I may understand he was tired to support not current, but still
development versions which interfer with his current development.

So, 101b is not available and the latest today was 104e, if someone
succeed loading this one, please, let us know what was the trick.


Daniel Savard


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