[mythtv-users] RE: mythtv processes not showing up in top.

Cedric Tefft cedric at phreaker.net
Tue Aug 17 16:20:26 EDT 2004

>Yeah, mythbackend shows up, it just says its not using any CPU, when it
>obviously is.
Not necessarily.  If your capture card's creating the MPEG stream (like 
the Hauppauge PVRx50 cards), there shouldn't be much load on your CPU. 
My backend's been running for about 12 hours and even after recording a 
two-hour movie still shows 0:00 accumulated processor time on the actual 
mythbackend process. In fact, if  my myth box is just recording a show 
(not displaying it), top shows the CPU at 98% idle.   The real 
CPU-intensive process (in my system anyway) is the X server (233:39 
accumulated CPU over the last 2 days), but even that only runs hot when 
I'm actually watching something with the frontend. The frontend process 
shows only 0:06 accumulated processor time in the same 12 hours.

Doesn't really explain what's going on in your situation, but the 
assumption that mythbackend has to use lots of CPU to record isn't 
necessarily correct.

- Cedric

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