[mythtv-users] MPEG2 cutting script complete

Gavin Hurlbut gjhurlbu+mythtv-users at beirdo.ca
Mon Aug 16 12:02:43 EDT 2004

As many of you may know from IRC, I have been working on making a script to
do MPEG2-MPEG2 cutting using the myth cutlist with minimal recoding.  At this
point, it is what I would consider to be complete, and is rolled into nuvexport
(current CVS - you can get a snapshot at http://forevermore.net/mythtv as 

This script is using avidemux2 to do the main work.  As avidemux2 is GTK-only,
to use this from a shell script, you will need to install the gtk2-cursed
library.  A list of prerequisites follows further down in the message.

Please note that the script will cut to the last GOP only, so any frames past
the last GOP marker (up to 14 for NTSC or 11 for PAL) will be removed if there
is a cutpoint near the end of the file, but as that's only about 0.5s of video,
this shouldn't be much of a concern.  Note also that this is basically what
the Myth player does anyways for seeking.

The output seems to be perfectly in sync when played in Windows Media Player
and RealPlayer, and TMPEnc DVD Author can use the output, so as far as I can
tell it's working.

	transcode (for tcprobe)	- http://zebra.fh-weingarten.de/~transcode/
	avidemux2		- http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/
	lve (for lvemux)	- http://lvempeg.sourceforge.net/ 
	gtk2-cursed		- http://zemljanka.sourceforge.net/cursed/

All of these are in the apt-get setup for Fedora Core 1.  Make sure to add both
the gtk2-cursed and gtk2-cursed-engines RPMs however, as it may actually be
required.  Alternatively, you can run nuvexport from an X terminal and deal 
with the avidemux window popping up twice, (yuck!)

Good luck with it :)
Gavin  (aka Beirdo on IRC)

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