[mythtv-users] MPEG2 cutting script complete

Maarten mythtv at ultratux.org
Mon Aug 16 13:22:00 EDT 2004

On Monday 16 August 2004 18:02, Gavin Hurlbut wrote:

I'd like to inquire about something vaguely related to this:  From this thread 
I understand it is impossible to get rid of commercials without transcoding 
the mpeg2 stream to mpeg4, is that correct ?

If so, I have a bttv card and plenty of CPU, so I record in mpeg4 and then 
transcode to get rid of the commercials, and I still have meg4 then.

So is it really true that one cannot transcode mpeg2 -> mpeg2 but one can 
transcode from mpeg4 -> mpeg4 ?   (Why is that? Lack of a fast mpeg2 codec ?)

Just curious...


> As many of you may know from IRC, I have been working on making a script to
> do MPEG2-MPEG2 cutting using the myth cutlist with minimal recoding.  At
> this point, it is what I would consider to be complete, and is rolled into
> nuvexport (current CVS - you can get a snapshot at
> http://forevermore.net/mythtv as always).
> This script is using avidemux2 to do the main work.  As avidemux2 is
> GTK-only, to use this from a shell script, you will need to install the
> gtk2-cursed library.  A list of prerequisites follows further down in the
> message.
> Please note that the script will cut to the last GOP only, so any frames
> past the last GOP marker (up to 14 for NTSC or 11 for PAL) will be removed
> if there is a cutpoint near the end of the file, but as that's only about
> 0.5s of video, this shouldn't be much of a concern.  Note also that this is
> basically what the Myth player does anyways for seeking.
> The output seems to be perfectly in sync when played in Windows Media
> Player and RealPlayer, and TMPEnc DVD Author can use the output, so as far
> as I can tell it's working.
> Prerequisites:
> 	transcode (for tcprobe)	- http://zebra.fh-weingarten.de/~transcode/
> 	avidemux2		- http://fixounet.free.fr/avidemux/
> 	lve (for lvemux)	- http://lvempeg.sourceforge.net/
> 	gtk2-cursed		- http://zemljanka.sourceforge.net/cursed/
> All of these are in the apt-get setup for Fedora Core 1.  Make sure to add
> both the gtk2-cursed and gtk2-cursed-engines RPMs however, as it may
> actually be required.  Alternatively, you can run nuvexport from an X
> terminal and deal with the avidemux window popping up twice, (yuck!)
> Good luck with it :)
> Gavin  (aka Beirdo on IRC)

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