[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend deadlock at LiveTV (DVB)

AlanM groups at dancecrave.com
Sun Aug 15 06:55:11 EDT 2004

Hi Sven,

I have experienced similar with my DVB-T. Generally if you want to 
change channel and the front end wont let you because its too busy being 
upset it can't change to its current one the only way out I have found 
is to go back to setup and change starting channel to something 
sensible, like 1 for me.

I'd be interested in a proper fix for this too...


Sven Heithecker wrote:

>I have MythTV with DVB-S running. Sometimes, when I accidentially switched to 
>a channel which currently is not "on air" or has other problems so that it is 
>currently not receivable, mythfrontend deadlocks for a time while mythbackend 
>is trying to get data from the card (I get a lot of messages 
>"DVB#0 WARNING - No data from card in 1 second" and others). After many 
>seconds, MythFronted gives up and jumps back to the menu screen - however 
>when I try to switch back to LiveTV mythtv tries to receive the channel 
>again, which of course fails, ... The real problem is that I am not able to 
>change the channel.
>Actually, when I sitched to Euro1080 (HDTV) channel, mythfrontend deadlocked
>forever. I didnt expect it to work but I would really like to change the 
>channel again...
>Is this a DVB specific problem? IMHO the solution would be simply to display a 
>message aka "cannot receive channel" message and to keep on reacting on user 
>inputs. Or os there another solution ?
>Regards, Sven
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