[mythtv-users] Objective IVTV quality measurement instructions

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Sat Aug 14 10:55:42 EDT 2004

> *Ghod*, I love grad students.
 	... that would rather work on fun stuff like mythtv than their 
research, no less... :)

> We just wouldn't get as much done in the US with grad students.
> I'll be trying this out in the next day or three, Cory; thanks.  Does
> the image have any other useful test patterns on it?  I align a fair
> number of TV's and projectors in a year...

 	It's just a work in progress.  I collected a few more test images.  I 
don't really believe the colorbars' accuracy (not sure if you can even 
*generate* a true colorbar pattern with COTS hardware like a DVD player). 
There's a B&W gamma pattern, and a simple aspect-ratio geometry pattern.  I was 
mainly after the resolution test pattern.

 	Shortly after I announced this a few months back, someone asked for a 
PAL version.  I think I tried to generate it and put it up there.  All of this 
comes with a HUGE YMMV disclaimer... :)

 	Actually, for my own resolution tests, I hacked up a modeline and had 
the computer generate the test signal at 1800x480.  A DVD player at 720x480 is 
not too bad, though.


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