[mythtv-users] Using mythtv as a plain VCR with xmltv but no broadband connection to internet

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Aug 12 16:41:32 EDT 2004

Jimmy Larsson wrote:
> I am not sure which grabber to use. However, its Swedish and partially 
> Danish channels I am interrested in. In fact, I can only receive 6-7 
> channels totally so if there is any way for me to download just that 
> data, I would be happy. :-)
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>> Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 10:44 AM
>>> I live in a place where my only internet feed is 56k modem. I want to
>>> build a mythtv-box to use a PPP modem-connection to internet to get the
>>> TV-program data (xmltv). Is this realistic? How often do I want to
>>> connect and get updates? Is once every 24h enough?

56k may not be all that bad. I've never used the Swedish or
Danish so please excuse me for speaking in general terms.

The first time you run "mythfilldatabase" while the program
listings are empty, it grabs all the data for the next week or
two. Each day after that, it grabs data for tomorrow and for one
more new day at the end. This way it only needs to grab two days
worth of data each night and by grabbing tomorrow's data, it catches
the latest schedule changes since the data was first grabbed but
before your shows need to be recorded.

Once every 24h is perfect. It can run as a task inside mythbackend
or as a separate cron job. In either case you can run it between,
say, 4am and 6am. Since you only need to grab two days worth of
6-7 channels, I'd suspect it would take much less than 10 minutes
over a 56k modem. However, even if it took more than a half an hour,
by grabbing in the early morning hours it shouldn't be a problem.

--  bjm

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