[mythtv-users] PNG transparency (was: MythWeather in web interface)

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Aug 11 18:44:44 EDT 2004

Harold Brown wrote:
> The method described at the following site could be used for the PNG images:
> http://www.koivi.com/ie-png-transparency/ 

Or you could use the the pure-css stuff that's already included with 
mythweb.  (well, pure css to call it -- I think it's javascript that 
actually does the transparency activation)

Enough with the png transparency stuff (no offense to Harold -- his 
message just happened to be the one I replied to).  We've already said 
that PNG's work fine in IE, and alpha transparency can be obtained using 
the same technique that I use on the mythtv logo in mythweb.

With that said, *if* someone would like to write a mythweather module 
for mythweb, I would personally love to see the mythweather images in 
all of their transparent PNG glory, but would be just as happy to see 
converted transparent-gif versions or non-alpha-transparency png files 
(which IE can handle just fine).  Or draw your own if you want to take 
the time.

(and yes, I'm getting tired of all of the talking and arguing)


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