[mythtv-users] 1.15.1 and custom frequencies

Michelle Moss michelle.moss at iinet.net.au
Wed Aug 11 12:47:03 EDT 2004

Eric Lennon Bowman wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm a bit of a newbie to all this, so apologies if I've missed a 
> frequently asked question.  I've googled pretty hard, and can't find much.
> I'm in Ireland using NTL cable, and it seems to have its own funky 
> frequencies, defined here:
> http://www.ntl.com/locales/ie/en/athome/frequency.html
> These don't seem to match to any "freqid's".

I had a look at the frequencies on the website above and if you look in 
[mythsourcedir]/libs/libmythtv/frequencies.c they seem to match up to 
the "pal_ireland" table in there

from the website:
Channel 4 = 56MHz

from frequencies.c
A3 = 56000

So... I think you need use the pal_ireland table (in mythtv setup? I 
can't remember where this is set). I had to manually type in the 
frequency ids that I was using (I used mythweb for this)


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