[mythtv-users] 1.15.1 and custom frequencies

Eric Lennon Bowman ebowman at boboco.ie
Tue Aug 10 18:58:50 EDT 2004


I'm a bit of a newbie to all this, so apologies if I've missed a 
frequently asked question.  I've googled pretty hard, and can't find much.

I'm in Ireland using NTL cable, and it seems to have its own funky 
frequencies, defined here:


These don't seem to match to any "freqid's".

I tried to work around this by filling in the "External channel change 
command" in mythsetup.  When I do this, everything works fine when I'm 
just watching TV, but for some reason the backend doesn't change the 
channel when its recording something I've scheduled.  If I don't use the 
external change channel command, when I watch TV, it's stuck on whatever 
channel it was last tuned to, and the info tab that shows up when you 
freshly change a channel is blank.  Seems like the frontend uses the 
external command, but the backend doesn't.

I read somewhere about a patch that would extend the freqid to encompass 
a hard frequency as well, but it appears that this didn't make it into 

So, I'm kind of wondering what my options are.  Does the current CVS 
version fix this?  Are there any significant problems upgrading 1.15.1 
to what's in CVS?  I'm guessing that path isn't too well documented.

Or, is there some way to make the backend use the "External channel 
change command" like the frontend does?

Thanks for any help,

Eric Lennon Bowman
BoboCo Ltd
ebowman at boboco.ie

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