[mythtv-users] Mini-ITX motherboard

KMF katoom at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 11 08:37:25 EDT 2004


On Mon, 2004-08-09 at 17:56, MacNean C. Tyrrell wrote:
> I have looked at the EPIA M10000, has tv-out, but if i do go with the 
> pvr-350, i could get the EPIA V10000A yes? 

  This is what I have, a V10K with a PVR350. It works very well
 for my purposes. (I don't play DVDs from it as I have a dedicated
 DVD player. If the processor was faster, I might use it for playing
 DVDs but ....)

>  Is the PVR350 tv-out easy to set up? 

   Yes, I originally used KnoppMyth (R4V2?) and it worked pretty well
 although I found that a later version of the ivtv
 driver was much more stable and Matthais' X driver was needed.

>  And i'll need a monitor to do the install but after i can get 
> rid of the monitor, i would hope so?

  Yes,  you'll need a monitor initially but once you have network
 access to the box you can do nearly everything without the monitor.
 You might want to setup the BIOS before getting rid of the monitor 
 and switching to Matthias' X driver.

>  Oh yea BTW VIAs website says you can get the 
> EDEN Esp Processor or VIA C3, which is better?  and how do i know which 
> processor it has especially if it's off ebay or something?

  No idea.  I got my basic box from the guys at SolarPC and they were
 good to work with.



   Kevin Flaherty
   katoom at pacbell.net

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