[mythtv-users] Re: 1.15.1 and custom frequencies

Joe . japher at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 07:34:03 EDT 2004

hi eric,

i followed jarod's guide and have not patched mythtv at all, and hard 
fequencies work for me if entered in the frequency id field. all my channels 
where tuned in, apart from two at 64Mhz and 272Mhz. i just left the 
'external command' box blank and in the frequency id for the these channels 
put in 64000 and 272000.

this uncovered a problem in that the freqid field can only take up to 5 
chars, so 272000 would always save as 27200. did the following to alter the 
database (to take the longer value): -

$ mysql -u root -p
$ mysql> use mythconverg;
$ mysql> alter table channel modify freqid varchar(6);
$ mysql> select freqid, chanid from channel;
-- (here, i looked for which channel id had the frequency 27200, for me it 
was 1005) --
$ mysql> update channel set freqid=272000 where chanid=1005;
$ mysql> exit

i may have the column names slightly wrong (i.e. freqid and chanid, i can't 
check right now) you can do a 'describe channel' after the 'use' command to 
get a list of column names. this is all i did anyway, and it was fixed.


ps. sorry if you are familiar with sql already and everything i just said 
was totally patronising :-)

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