[mythtv-users] Ugly TV Capture/Blank LiveTV with PVR-250 [solved]

Benjamin Carlisle bcarlisle at 24oz.com
Mon Aug 9 11:28:53 EDT 2004

Michael, All :

 Thanks for the help. My PVR-250 was not tuner-type of 2 or 39 (as I see
most are). It was type 8. I changed the ivtv module 'tuner' parameter, and
changed my frequency table to 'us-cable-hrc' and I was all set. Now time to
fiddle with improving picture and audio quality...


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Benjamin Carlisle wrote:

>Here is the output of my modprobe tveeprom:
>tvee: Hauppauge: model=32032, rev=B326, serial#=7194195
>tvee: tuner=Temic 4036FY5 (idx=26, type=8)
notice type=8

>tvee: tuner fmt=NTSC(M) (eeprom=0x08, v4l2=0x00001000)
>tvee: audio_processor=MSP3440 (type=11) 
>I tried changing my ivtv option "tuner=39" to "tuner=8" and I did get some
>channel audio, but the video was static. Is this the correct type?
Yes, it's correct.  The static means that the tuner is not tuned to any 
particular channel.  You're capturing "white noise."  Make sure you set 
the channel to the appropriate value using test_ioctl -r or using a 
graphical utility like ptune-ui.pl.


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