[mythtv-users] homebrew IR receiver

Dan Morphis dan at milkcarton.com
Sun Aug 8 21:19:33 EDT 2004

This site has step by step distructions on how to build an ir receiver.

You can also buy the packard bell ir receivers at tekgems 
(http://tekgems.com/Products/winamp-remote-control.htm).  You don't need 
to use the transmitter that comes with it.  I have one, and it works 
really well.


Jason Donhaue wrote:

>I am looking to change my myth setup. I want a dedicated backend server,
>and having several frontend-only boxes throughout the house. Only
>problem right now is that the frontends are currently using the tuner
>card IR receivers, but if I move the tuners to one backend, I need to
>make my own IR receivers for the frontends.
>Best case scenario, I just go to Radio Shack and buy the parts I need.
>But the most important thing is that it work just as well as the current
>receiver, I do not want to have to deal with having a weaker receiver,
>Can anyone suggest either something I can buy, or build that will do the
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Pinky, Are you thinking what I'm thinking? 

I think so, Brain, but where are we going to get latex gloves, a swimming pool filled with vaseline and a herd of yaks at THIS time of night?

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