[mythtv-users] homebrew IR receiver

Scott catfather at donpoo.net
Sun Aug 8 20:46:16 EDT 2004

On Aug 8, 2004, at 7:44 PM, Jason Donhaue wrote:

> I am looking to change my myth setup. I want a dedicated backend 
> server,
> and having several frontend-only boxes throughout the house. Only
> problem right now is that the frontends are currently using the tuner
> card IR receivers, but if I move the tuners to one backend, I need to
> make my own IR receivers for the frontends.
> Best case scenario, I just go to Radio Shack and buy the parts I need.
> But the most important thing is that it work just as well as the 
> current
> receiver, I do not want to have to deal with having a weaker receiver,
> etc.
> Can anyone suggest either something I can buy, or build that will do 
> the
> trick?

I have had various A/V installers over the years and they all use some 
variation of these: http://smarthome.com/irsignals.html You can get IR 
receivers and splitters from various manufactures. Wiring is just cat5 

For example, in my A/V setup I have an IR receiver over the TV. Signals 
travel from the receiver over cat5 to my equipment rack where they 
enter a splitter. Out of the splitter I have 6 (you can have more or 
less) IR transmitters that stick over the clear IR window on various 
pieces of equipment. If you have long distances involved or split into 
several transmitters you'll want to supply power to the splitter and 
receiver to amplify the IR signal.

As far as brands go, all my IR is xantech. Yes, if you're handy you can 
make the equivalent hardware much cheaper :)


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