[mythtv-users] lircd/irw not working

Brad Cox bcox at virtualschool.edu
Sun Aug 8 14:28:16 EDT 2004

I've just gotten mythtv sort of working (MythMusic and MythDVD are 
solid, MythTV stubbornly refusing) but nothing responds to the 
remote, not even irw. I tested this earlier (via Wilson's Howto) and 
it was fine, but not now. I might have broken it trying a compile 
from CVS. All this on Fedora 1.

All startup logs are clean. lircd's running and detecting irw as a 
client, but irw no longer prints button presses.

I tried "irrecord junkFile". When that asked me to hold down an 
arbitrary button, it complained "gap not found; can't continue".

How can I get lircd back on the tracks?
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