[mythtv-users] mythdvd / remote trouble

Dr NoName spamacct11 at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 6 15:04:11 EDT 2004


So I finally set up mythtv, and was that a pain in the
ass! I think I hit every possible problem before I got
it working. But there's more!

First, when I try to play a movie with mythdvd, the
movie window starts in the background, so I can hear
the sound but no picture. How can I fix this?

Second, mythdvd uses mplayer which has totally
different keybindings, so the remote doesn't work. How
can I get around that? I am planning to build a
dedicated media box, so ideally, it should require no

But I figure there will always be something that can't
be done with a remote, so unfortunately I think I will
need to hook up the keyboard anyway, maybe even a
mouse too. To make things a little bit better, I want
to use a wireless keyboard. But can it co-exist with a
remote (specifically the one that comes with Hauppauge
pvr-250)? What kind of hardware and software do I need
to get it working? How good is Linux support for
wireless keyboards/mice?

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