[mythtv-users] HDTV & NTSC same backend, 1 source

Wendy Seltzer wendy at seltzer.com
Fri Aug 6 00:37:16 EDT 2004

At 11:16 PM -0500 8/5/04, Brian Foddy wrote:
>Footnote.  I thought, maybe I'm supposed to create a second "lineup"
>on datadirect, so I tried under the same login account.  It won't let me
>create 2 lineups, both from the same signal source, but with different
>channels.  Since both the
>pvr250's and the pchdtv use broadcast channels, I'm still stuck.

The way I've made Myth lineups work with HD and standard (pcHDTV and 
WinTV) was to set up a second lineup in the next zipcode over.  Same 
channels, different zap2it lineups.

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