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Greg geflatt at hfx.eastlink.ca
Thu Aug 5 21:02:20 EDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 15:56, Chris Petersen wrote:
> (semi-repost)
> There has been a lot of talk lately about getting mythtranscode to 
> export other formats (any supported by libaviformat, or whatever it's 
> called), but the devs decided that there really wasn't much of a need 
> for effort to be put into this because other tools do it well enough on 
> their own.
> However, since mplayer (and transcode, and ffmpeg) still continue to NOT 
> support myth's nuv files, there is currently no way to convert an nuv 
> file to an avi file without transcoding/reencoding.  This is the single 
> most oft-asked-about feature for nuvexport, and frankly it would allow 
> for more standardized transoding options (ie. could use "transode" for 
> all conversions, since it seems to have slightly faster and better 
> quality output than nuvexport's "normal" options).
> In the rewrite of nuvexport, I'd like to be able get away from the 
> somewhat complex set of exporters (particularly the "transode" and 
> non-transcode versions of the same output format).  This would also open 
> the door for using the files more easily with nuv->dvd programs.
> And please correct me if I'm wrong, but having mythtranscode do the avi 
> conversion instead of mencoder (if it is ever made to work) would also 
> allow myth's meta data to stay in the file (title/subtitle/description 
> at the very least)
> Anyway, this email is basically me asking/begging/pleading for someone 
> who knows the mythtranscode code to implement the avi container output 
> (I guess that would also mean having the ability to specify an outfile), 
> since I've gathered that it should be relatively easy to do so.  I'm 
> also hoping to get an official "ok" about this idea, since it'd be nice 
> to know that any patches would get accepted.
> -Chris

I know it's been mention before but avidemux is able to open myth's nuv
(mpeg4) files. A simple resave and it copies the mpeg4 data to an an avi
that other apps can use. The latest version (2.0.26) now supports some
scripting, and I believe (not 100%) nolonger requires X to be running.


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