[mythtv-users] LiveTV and Recording

Ryan Rawson ryan at invasioncity.com
Thu Aug 5 00:36:48 EDT 2004


You are correct here.  Tonight mythtv correctly switched to record 
another show while I was watching livetv.  I suspect one of the other 
situations might have occurred, sometimes I notice that mythtv will 
prefer to record sealab at 3am instead of midnight so that must have 
been the situation then.

Thanks for the great reply!

On Aug 4, 2004, at 4:22 PM, Bruce Markey wrote:

> Of course, none of this applies to the situation as you described
> it if you were watching live TV straight through the start time.
> My best guess is that the first showing of Sealab was not marked to
> be recorded as you'd expected.

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