[mythtv-users] LiveTV and Recording

Ryan Rawson ryan at invasioncity.com
Wed Aug 4 04:42:20 EDT 2004


I have a sweet MythTV setup now, but I only have one PVR card.  Much to 
my unhappy surprise earlier tonight it appears that mythtv will 
pre-empt recordings in favour of live TV.  With 2 tuners and encoders 
this would be no biggie, but it caused me to miss a recording (luckly 
Sealab is replayed again at 3am).

Is there a way to cause liveTV viewers to be pre-empted by a recording 
if there are no free recording devices?  Maybe have it being a setting, 
or make live TV viewing recpriority 0.

Rock on.
(Headless linux rules too)

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