[mythtv-users] LIRC with hughes satellite receiver

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Tue Aug 3 16:50:26 EDT 2004

> I finally got my Home-Brew transmitter working.  So I tried 
> to use irrecord to record the IR for my Hughes satellite 
> receiver.  The first half where you push lots of buttons to 
> establish range and timings works fine but then I try to 
> assign a particular button to an action and it breaks.  I get 
> a message that "Something went wrong" and that I should try 
> again.  But I try over and over again and it doesn't work.  
> Does anyone have a working lircd.conf file that they can send 
> me?  Is it possible that the Hughes receiver uses IR that is 
> out of the range of the 38K IR module that I am using?  Does 
> anyone here know details of the lirc internals to help me 
> figure out what went wrong?  Do I just have to give up and 
> get a new receiver?

Some sat receivers use 41KHz rather than the 38K that you have specified.
You might be able to play with timings and get it to work but you may find a
commercial solution easier if the serial interface mentioned in other emails
doesnt work. Personally I have had good luck with the commercial product
MyBlaster which has worked with both dish and directv receivers. Search the
archives and you will find quite a bit of info as well as the drivers for
the device. I think the drivers may also be available from the my.tv website
by the time you read this.


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