[mythtv-users] Problem with a Wintv Theater

Bennett bleve at nightmare.com
Mon Aug 2 20:18:27 EDT 2004


Was wondering if anyone has MythTV setup on a Wintv Theater card which 
uses the bttv module?

xawtv works flawlessly on my PII 400 box with this card.  When I fire up 
MythTV using the V4L card type I get video but it is grainy and very 
slow to refresh.  If I choose another card type I will not get video but 
will get sound. 

If I kill the mythfrontend and mythbackend processes the sound continues 
and I need to use an app like xawtv to get the sound to stop by starting 
and stopping it.

Was wondering if anyone has this setup working, and also is a PII 400 to 
slow for using with this card?  Do I need to go to something such as a 
PVR *50?

Thanks for any advice.


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