[mythtv-users] Brightness/Contrast - MythTV/IVTV

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 3 09:35:39 EDT 2004

On Monday 02 August 2004 19:35, Gary Huntress wrote:
> I'm now running MythTV 0.15 and a fairly current version of ivtv.  I
> ran either 12 or 13 before (can't remember) and I had gotten used to
> having the brightness and contrast controls available to me while
> watching live video. They appear to be gone from mythfrontend and I
> recall reading that this should be controlled directly via the ivtv
> driver.
> I certainly have no problem with that.  I successfully used the ivtv
> utility test_ioctl to change the brightness while playing live tv. 
> However, that is relatively inconvenient (alt tab to a console
> window, type in the command or execute a shell script.
> So basically I have two questions:
> 1)  Is there currently a way to access the ivtv b/c settings from
> mythtv 0.15?
> 2)  Is there a way to bind a shell script to a keypress event ?   (ie
> I can easily write a script to get/set b/c settings)
> Barring that I'm sure I can find and change the default values for
> b/c in the ivtv driver but I'd rather not do that.

While watching LiveTV, try [F1].  This will allow you to adjust the 
*recording* picture controls.  Unfortunately, these settings are on a 
per-channel basis, so you'll have to tweak them for *every* channel.  
If you know any SQL, something to try would be to tweak a 
representative channel to find some good default values, then go into 
the database (I believe it's the 'channel' table) and set all the other 
channels to those values.

While watching LiveTV or a previously-recorded show, pressing "F" should 
allow you to change the *playback* (Xv) picture controls.  This setting 
is global and affects all native Myth playback (i.e., not mplayer/xine 
directly -- although I imagine the settings are 'sticky').


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