[mythtv-users] mythDVD ripping problem - audio not synchronized

Ken Schutte kschutte at MIT.EDU
Mon Aug 2 15:34:35 EDT 2004

This happens for me on regular, store bought DVDs.  I'm running Fedora 
Core 1, installed mythtv-0.15.1-74.rhfc1.at using apt-get.  version of 
transcode is transcode-0.6.12-2.fr.  The mtd.log says the job finished 


Dave and Lisa Hofstra wrote:

> This is happening to me also, I have only had it happen in 'excellent' 
> quality, but it may happen in others... I also have a problem where the 
> resulting transcoded .avi file is not even present. (i.e. ripping and 
> transcoding have occurred, but there is no avi file nor any tmp file 
> remaining to idicate a video was ripped).  Also of interest, my mtd log 
> does not indicate any errors, and appears to think it has finished and 
> the file has been written.
> If it makes a difference, I use Mandrake 9.2 and have installed 15.1 
> from source, not rpms. and have plenty of room in my ripping directory 
> as ext3.  Only other thing to note is that many of the DVD's I am using 
> as 'source' have already been "Shrunk" to fit on a single DVD-R disc.  I 
> know, I know, leave me alone .... Is this the case with your discs?
> I am interested also in finding the source of this problem
> Dave Hofstra (lisadaveh)
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