[mythtv-users] mythDVD ripping problem - audio not synchronized

Dave and Lisa Hofstra lisadaveh at comcast.net
Mon Aug 2 11:50:40 EDT 2004

Ken Schutte wrote:

> I'm having problems with the audio/video synchronizing on avi files
> ripped in mythDVD.  If I choose 'perfect' quality, it is fine, but in
> transcoding, audio/video start out synchronized, but as the movie plays
> the video falls behind the audio and it gets continually worse.
> Does anyone know the cause of this problem?
> thanks.
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This is happening to me also, I have only had it happen in 'excellent' 
quality, but it may happen in others... I also have a problem where the 
resulting transcoded .avi file is not even present. (i.e. ripping and 
transcoding have occurred, but there is no avi file nor any tmp file 
remaining to idicate a video was ripped).  Also of interest, my mtd log 
does not indicate any errors, and appears to think it has finished and 
the file has been written.

If it makes a difference, I use Mandrake 9.2 and have installed 15.1 
from source, not rpms. and have plenty of room in my ripping directory 
as ext3.  Only other thing to note is that many of the DVD's I am using 
as 'source' have already been "Shrunk" to fit on a single DVD-R disc.  I 
know, I know, leave me alone .... Is this the case with your discs?

I am interested also in finding the source of this problem

Dave Hofstra (lisadaveh)

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