[mythtv-users] Traditional VCR Recording Function

Stephen Naicken stephennaicken at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 13:31:08 EDT 2004


First I'll start by saying that I am a Windows user who is not too
happy with the software on offer for my Hauppauge PVR-350.  Believe it
or not, WinTV2000 is the best software for my needs.  I do have
experience with Unix though.

Call me old fashioned, but I like to record things without an EPG,
just like it used to be with the VCR.  To record you hit the record
button on the remote, and to stop the recording you hit stop. 
Unfortunately, I can't do this in SageTV or GB-PVR, so can I do this
in MythTV?

If this is possible, can I access the recording for later viewing
using the user interface of MythTV?

Finally, lets say I am watching a programme that is showing music
videos, could I record a number of "clips"/music videos from the
programme using the technique as described above?  I suppose this is
the same as would they have different file names.

I suppose what I'm really looking for is a digital VCR, not an HTPC,
but if I can get them both in the same software package that would be
great.  Of course, I could just try MythTV and see if this works, but
I have heard that setup is tricky to say the least.  Is this true?


Stephen Naicken
stephennaicken at gmail dot com

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