[mythtv-users] *fixed* WOOHOO!! mythfilldata base question...

Craig Tinson craig at 8010.co.uk
Sun Aug 1 11:36:52 EDT 2004

Craig Tinson wrote:

> in further trying to fix my previous recording problems.. I might have
> come across something..
> at the moment I use the following to populate my EPG:
> -------------------------------------------
> /usr/bin/tv_grab_uk_rt --slow --days 1 --get-categories > ~/sched.xml
> mythfilldatabase --file 2 0 ~/sched.xml
> -------------------------------------------

finally.. figured it out.. the "--file 2 0" is wrong.. should be 1.. 2 
references a second card that ain't there any more.. this all makes 
sense now..

it was showing the program guide.. but it was showing it for a second 
card.. and when I tried to record something.. it obviously couldn't..

glad it's all figured out now.. and thanks for the kick up the ass 
Michael :)



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