[mythtv-users] Can't edit! Help!

Cuddles -- "Soft and furry, but I've got CLAWS!" cuddles at flowerseatshit.com
Sun Aug 1 11:10:26 EDT 2004

Ok folks, this is an ODD error, and a little complicated, so I'll try to 
explain it step by step...

Once I have a recording, I usually go in and cut the commercials out 
myself before running nuvexport on it for archival purposes.

So here's what's happening..

I play the recording, and hit E to go into the Editor.

I move to the very beginning of the recording, and set my first cut 
point. Then I advance to the end of the commercials to set my second cut 
point. That's where the problem starts.

It won't let me advance! Doesn't matter if I've got the advancement 
scale set to 1 frame, or 10 minutes, it only skips forward about 10 
seconds, and then goes all the way back to the first frame of the 
recording! Over and over again, just 10 seconds.

The recording PLAYS just fine, as long as I'm not in the editor. But 
when I'm in the editor, just the first 10 seconds. No more, no less.

Can someone help me fix this? I've even wiped and reinstalled Myth 
entirely (database and all) and this problem STILL happens.

For the record, I'm using 0.15-r1 on a P4-1.5 GHz with 256 meg of RAM.

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