[mythtv-users] Add a local channel when using manual mythfilldatabase updates?

Jeff C myth at express.tc
Thu Apr 29 10:43:55 EDT 2004

Hi All,

I have compiled a script to build up a master XML file that has data for all
the channels my cableco carries (we're not in Zap2it and wont' be), and I
manually insert it and I just about have the tomorrow/9 day out update part

However, one thing I don't yet have is my local news channel added.  There
is no guide data for it anywhere, but I know when the broadcasts are on that
I want, I'd like to add it as a channel so when I surf I pass it and also so
that I can record time slots on it.

Normally to add it I could just use the add channel function in
mythtv-setup, but the challenge I have is that the channel has no Zap2It ID
and it won't let me proceed without one.  How can I overcome this and add a



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