[mythtv-users] Daily use questions: recording settings

Nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Mon Apr 26 22:00:06 EDT 2004

>If your clock is properly synced using NTP then you shouldn't need to 
>ever start several minutes early on a regular basis.
I haven't done a thorough check but I noticed at least a couple shows
that have had problems and I am syncing to the default FC1 redhat
server. I forget which one. Example: A marathon of Kim Possible on
Disney (10 shows in a row) and every one of them had the last part of
the previous show in the first part of the next file. Instead of risking
missing I just set up the shows with the early/late by default. Perhaps
I will investigate more with re-runs this summer ;)

>>One interesting tidbit! If you have two tuners, the second method of
>>start early end late will force back to back shows to switch to a
>>tuner if you have one. The first method does NOT. For this reason, I
>>only use the second method since I always want to switch tuners to
>>ensure I don't have the first part or last part of a show in a
>Sounds like you've got some clock issues if this happens on a regular 
>basis to you.
Again I'm not sure how many different shows this happens on but I am
synced and when I check the time on the OSD wrt to TVGuide channel it is
right on. However I have noticed that many many shows are not synced to
that time (Alias, Everything on Disney, the Starwars Cartoon on cartoon
Perhaps I will search/start new thread to see how many peeps have this
same observation. Where are you located? Perhaps your provider is better

>>Warning: this does cause some increase conflicts requiring resolution
>>but I have yet to have a conflict that cannot be resolved.
>As long as you have two tuners yeah they can be resolved.  However 
>keeping these settings as low as possible reduces the amount of
>the scheduler has to do, using start early /end late for all your 
>recordings eliminates huge chunks of time that could be used for 
>recording but will not be.
I agree completely and if I can fix it I will!  Thanks a bunch for the

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