[mythtv-users] deleted some tables... help!

Cecil Watson cwatson at linkline.com
Tue Apr 13 14:51:36 EDT 2004


Volker Wieban wrote:

>i'm using mythtv 0.14 on a gentoo linux system. two days ago i accidently deleted the "musicmetadata" and "videometadata" tables in the mythconverg-database. i tried reemerging (installing) mythvideo and mythmusic but the tables are still gone. now mythvideo doesn't find any videos in the video manager. what can i do to get the tables back?
>i could add them manually but i don't know the field names and types.
>any help is appreciated....
>thanks in advance!
Take a look at /path/to/mythvideo-0.14/videodb/old you'll see the data 
that is used to create the tables.  You may be able to insert these in 
the db.  Then run the mythtv setup program and it will hopfully update 
the tables to the lastest version.  The same goes for mythmusic.


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