[mythtv-users] MythTV geared towards quality (DVI, SPDIF, etc)

Shawn core at enodev.com
Tue Apr 13 14:28:56 EDT 2004

Does anyone have a link to a guide which includes some sort of
instructions regarding setting up Myth using a vidcard's DVI out going
to an HDTV?

Also, if I were going for great quality, and considering I will be using
DVI for output with an SVideo source, what capture mechanism (hardware
encode, or software encode... what codec/res if software, etc) would you
guys recommend? (Athlon XP 3000+ CPU prolly)

I'm just about to make another go at MythTV when I get the time, and I
just ordered a Zenith 32" Flat-Tube HDTV (C32V36) to replace my dead 9yr
old JVC. SVideo just wasn't converting well with the NVidia TV out.

Anyway, I've been searching the lists, and have found endless quasi
references to problems people have had, and lots of vague references to
information I can't seem to find. I am hoping someone can just give me
some bullet point helper suggestions.

TIA to anyone who replies!

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