[mythtv-users] Question about Mythbackend

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 31 14:25:50 UTC 2003

What do you mean by a "mythbackend box"?

Any box with a tuner card that you want to use with Myth needs to run
mythbackend, and needs to save the data to its own disk.  A network file
system (NFS, Samba, etc) will not provide enough throughput (regardless of
how fast your network is).  In your case, you probably will want to set up
one box w/tuner as the master backend and the other 3 as slave backends.
Myth will take care of integrating the files on the different boxes into a
single 'view' for the frontend.  Any, all or none of your backends can also
be frontends at the same time, as long as the box is fast enough to handle
simultaneous encoding (record) and decoding (playback/LiveTV).  My advice is
choose your best tuner card & put it in a powerful box with the biggest disk
you have.  Set that box as the master backend, then configure the other
boxes as slave backends.

Another option is to put multiple tuner cards in a single backend.  This
ability is only limited by the ability of your box to record/encode multiple
programs simultaneously, and the availability of sound inputs on that box.

As far as the hardware goes, the backend does not need a video card.  A
sound card will be necessary for each tuner that doesn't support btaudio,
but you only need line-in (record) capability for a standalone backend.

Hope that helps.

-Joe C.

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> Is it possible to run mythbackend on a server box that has neither a video
> card nor audio card?
> I've got a serverbox that has oodles of space that I'd like to press into
> service as a mythbackend box, but I couldn't find any info about this
> particular setup on the main page.
> I've got 4 other boxes with tv cards that I'd like to have connect to a
> server box and save the data there.
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