[mythtv-users] EPG Problems

Christoph Rasim christoph at rasim.net
Sat Mar 29 08:28:06 UTC 2003

Hi there,

>> 1. When I press "m" in the EPG, MythTV should switch to the highlighted
>> channel. It does this for most channels, but for some reason for some of
>> them this does not work. The problem is always with the same channels.
> Can you provide more detail on which channels are affected, et cetera?

As i've postet on the developer's list a little bit later, it affecs 
channels with a 4-digit channel number (in Germany, we have channels like 
"SE12") because at some point in the program the channel number is cut down 
to three digits. I also posted how to fix it, but since I don't really know 
how to make a CVS patch it has not yet been included.

>> 3. Is there any way to have MythTV use the channel ids as order when
>> changing the channel using up/down keys in "Watching Live TV" mode?
> #endif /* christoph at rasim.net */
> See the "Setup->General->Channel ordering" option.

Does not work here, I will tell more about it replying to your message on 


Christoph Rasim

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