[mythtv-users] FW: odd error

Justin yell at rogers.com
Wed Mar 19 02:33:29 UTC 2003

I can't get FCEU's fullscreen mode to do anything useful.  With the -fs 
1 option, sure it blacks out the rest of the screen, but the actual game 
display area is extremely small.  I tried playing with the -xscalefs and 
-xres options, but I keep getting "xscale and/or yscale out of bounds" 
errors even with seemingly normal values.

Has anyone else gotten fceu to look decent with mythgame?  All I want is 
something like snes9x where you can set it to fullscreen, then tell it 
to double the lines or whatnot to make it fill the screen.


Michael J. Sherman | msherman at stealthboy.dyndns.org

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