[mythtv-users] Database Requirements for mythtv

Calvin Harrigan calvinharrigan at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 31 17:09:37 UTC 2003

Hmmm... okay, now I'm embarassed...

It turns out that yes, I do have MPlayer installed on my wife's iBook,
but it's *not* patched for Myth.  If memory serves, the Myth-recorded
file I played on the iBook was actually one that I had tried to convert
on my Myth box using mencoder, then transferred to the iBook to play in
QuickTime (it looked horrible).

The funny thing is, now I can't get MPlayer to compile on the iBook at
all, so I can't test the patched version.  The version I had compiled
was .90-rc2, but since I don't have that source anymore I tried to build
.90-rc5 (or -rc6? whatever the latest is), and it won't build... the
weird part is that it looks like they've added OSX support to the
configure script!  I looked at MPlayerOSX, but that's just a binary
distribution, so it won't help with the Myth patch.  However, if someone
from that project could give us some compilation tips, then we should be
good to go.  The Myth patch is good against most versions of MPlayer, as
there are only two files patched, dealing with NuppelVideo, and they
don't seem to be under active development.

Oh well.  Sorry if I got your hopes up... I really thought my MPlayer
was patched.

Please post if you make any progress on this.

-Joe C.

On Thu, 2003-03-27 at 17:19, Cedar McKay wrote:
> I have a few questions for you Joe
> 1) Does it perform well?
> 2) you used mdz's unmodified patch?
> 3)against what? The MPlayer v0.90rc5 source tarball from 
> http://www.mplayerhq.hu?
> 4)Have you tried patching the OS X native port at 
> http://mplayerosx.sourceforge.net/?
> thanks,
> Cedar
> >Just build a patched MPlayer for OSX/Darwin and mount your exported Myth
> >partition over the network.  Worked for me.
> >
> >-Joe C.
> >
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