[mythtv-users] multiple capture card question

Steve Kuekes steve at kuekes.homeip.net
Mon Mar 31 13:47:08 UTC 2003

Xbmp built their interface off of screenshots of Microsoft's media
center, not the other way around. 

You should have seen the original interface of xbmp, it was pretty
horrid (with one small nod to the windows media player).

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ok, I guess I should have looked at it.  It had the word "XBox",
so I just assumed... I'll NEVER do that again...  hehehe...  ;-)

Joseph Jamieson wrote
> Yea but Xbox Media Player is a "homebrew" project that's been in
> existence for quite awhile now.   You need a Modchip to run it because
> of the fact that the xbox will only run "Digitally Signed" code.
> XBMP can play almost any type of media out there (except new quicktime
> formats,) DiVX, Mpegs, DVD's, pictures of almost any format, the list
> goes on.   About the only thing it can't do at the moment is play TV
> (there's no TV card in the Xbox) but they are working on SnapStream
> support.
> When they come up with accelerated X drivers for Xbox Linux, I'm going
> to try MythTV on it.  It has a great TV Encoder, so I think it will be
> great front-end unit.
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> Joseph Jamieson wrote
> > Holy...     Did they just take screenshots of Xbox Media Player 
> > and post them?    This is crazy, it's *exactly* what XBMP looks
> you realize that XBox is a Microsoft product, right?  ;-)
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