[mythtv-users] daft newbie questions :-)

Thor Johnson thormj at ieee.org
Fri Mar 28 17:58:32 UTC 2003

>> Any problems with the following PC spec?
>> - AMD Athlon XP 2800+
>> - Asus A7V8X/LAN motherboard (built in audio)
>Check the archives for issues with nForce audio chipsets.

I know he corrected the motherboard model #, but
I wanted to say that I'm running nForce1 audio
without problems (use ALSA, not the nVidia driver,
and be sure to disable ACPI in the bios).

You do have to muddle with the mixer stuff 
(Capture on line-in, not mixer, Capture on the Captur
channel, and set the volume so it won't clip...
the nForce makes horrid noises when it clips!)

-Thor Johnson

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